Thank you for your support and understanding, We at Balloonkraft are focused on providing you with the best customer experience along with the awesome & unique products which we create for our customers. 

However, we understand that you may have a few questions in mind before placing an order and below are some questions which will help you have a better shopping experience with us:  

Which gas do you use to inflate balloons? I have heard cases of balloons catching fire and I am not sure if it is safe for my kids and guests?

We at BALLOONKRAFT have a strict NO HYDROGEN USAGE POLICY & we only use HELIUM (He) Gas which is Non – Inflammable and completely safe for your kids and guests. 

Why are your products priced on the higher side as compared to my local vendor?

We only use branded quality products sourced from QUALATEX USA (A company which has over 100 years of experience in making the best quality balloons available worldwide) & use Helium gas to Inflate balloons delivered to you rather than using hydrogen which is flammable and not safe for usage. Also, balloons purchased from us will last longer than the usual balloons available in the market as we treat them with a special liquid solution called Hi – Float. Lastly, we use Balloon Shine to treat the latex balloons to help prevent oxidation and add long lasting sparkle to your décor. 

I have an event coming up and need some company to help me with the decoration? Do you just sell balloon bouquets? Or can decorate the venue as well?

Let’s start by saying that you have just hit the right button! 

Our Founder Mr. Gaurav Chadha is a certified balloon artist (CBA) and has not only been planning & executing major birthday / theme parties in this country but he has also been training other people in this industry to do so. 

With that said, we can surely make your party a memorable one!

You can get in touch with Mr. Gaurav Chadha at 0 – 9811429789 (11 AM – 7 PM).

Do you deliver PAN India?

Currently, we only deliver inflated balloon bouquets in DELHI / NCR. However, you can get in touch with us at and we can ship out uninflated balloons anywhere in India and even abroad!!

Why am I being charged for the delivery? & how do you calculate it?  

99.99% of the time balloon bouquets are delivered via air – conditioned car in a proper balloon transportation bag (a.k.a Hi – Float Bag’s) and for us to provide the best delivery & product experience we need to charge our customers for the same. 

Delivery charge is calculated based on the distance which needs to be covered for delivering it to your door step and also in some cases the delivery time.

By when can I expect my order to get delivered?

Customers can choose a preferred delivery date & time while placing the order and our team will deliver accordingly.

Balloonkraft reserves the right to modify / cancel the order in case of any unexpected circumstances beyond our control. 

Can I buy individual balloon packs in Bulk?

Yes, our parent company BDC OVERSEAS are official India distributors for Qualatex – The Very Best Balloons (Pioneer Worldwide).

You can get in touch with them over Call / WhatsApp at 0 – 9560056484 (11 AM – 7 PM).

I am looking to open up a balloon store, do you have a franchise model?

Yes, we can help you set-up your store in any part of India. Please get in touch with Mr. Gaurav Chadha over Call / WhatsApp at 0 – 9811429789 (11 AM – 7 PM).

Did we miss anything? Just drop in a mail at and we will be happy to assist you!